ashtanga yoga in tauranga

Class Descriptions

Beginners / General

Mysore style classes are an opportunity for students to learn the practice in its traditional format, with personal guidance and adjustments from the teacher. New students will start with a short practice progressing through a set series of postures. These postures are taught one at a time, based on each students flexibility, strength, breathing and dedication to practice. In this way you progress at your own rate and helps in the cultivation of a personal yoga practice. Suitable for all levels of fitness and flexibility.

Hour of Power

An intense physical workout combining Yoga positions and bodyweight exercises. Improve core and mental stamina to enhance your chosen passion, surfing, biking etc. Not for the delicate constitution.

Six week block course for $70.

Pregnancy Yoga

This class focuses on building strength, breath and pelvic floor awareness as well as postures that help open hips and shoulders to relieve stress and tension. Pregnancy yoga is a gentle and effective way to strengthen your body and spirit, helping you to bring greater awareness to the changes within, while preparing you for birth.

Six week block course for $80. Phone Anna for details.

Special Offer - Pregnancy course plus 1 hour pregnancy massage $130 (conditions apply)